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Hiking on La Palma

Hiking in the wild north

Wilde Barrancos in the original north Still and deposited, then presents the harsh north. A light and fog-drenched landscape, punctuated by bizarre Barrancos and rough ridge that offers only a few settlements Place. Here is reduced nature to the essentials, is still entirely to the laws of the wind and weather subject.
Barranco Magdalena on dirt tracks we meander down to water sources and dense undergrowth over to an old washing place of the farmers formerly served as a meeting place and work to Don Pedro. While the laundry dried, the women passed the time with embroidery, cut goat lining and a small chat. With decreasing height are increasing clearings, release the wide views of the cliffs.

El Tablado, Garafia, La Palma

Vegetation is colored: Blue and White-flowered Natternkopf, yellow and red Dachwurz Mondampfer. At date palms, dragon trees and spiny Opuntia past we reach the viewpoint of Don Pedro, high up on the ridge. In the distance we see our destination, the village of El Tablado. But still separates us an enormous canyon Barranco El Fagundo. the course of a path emerges on the opposite steep wall of 300m in zigzag meanders upwards. For the locals, this was 'camino real' previously only communication route between the coastal villages. With difficulty was transporting grain and potatoes. Our route now almost to sea level to the bottom of the ravine, where we cross the river bed, through that, to very heavy rainfall the water seeks its way to the sea only in winter. A bit of condition one needs to have to climb ahead. But well worth the effort. With El Tablado we reach the most most beautiful spot in the town.

El Tablado, Garafia

The rural seclusion has its price, young people move away, leaving only the few old Palmeros, such as the two Doñas waiting with fresh orange juice on thirsty traveler and happy that us some variety comes in the rural tranquility.
Length: 12 km
Hiking time: about 6 hours (incl breaks.).
Elevations: + 350 m / - 900 m

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