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La Palma beaches

The largest beaches on La Palma

Vamos a la playa: In La Palma water sport fans are going to the official, guarded beaches or seeking small, hidden coves. Therefore they put their towels on the sand, sometimes on gravel and rocks. If it comes to sand, it is always black. But this has nothing to do with dirt, but with the lava spitting volcanoes on the island. Laying in the black sand it’s the same as in white sand as from Tenerife or Gran Canaria. Even better: At the local beaches it is not as such scramble as the "sardine cans" of large neighboring islands. The water quality around the island La Palma is very well. Very important at every swimming trip: Take the instructions of the guys and girls from the "Cruz Roja" (lifeguard) and waving flags on the beaches always serious! When they are raising the yellow flag, there are dangerous waves and currents, the red flag means there is danger of life. Only the green flag means "there are the best conditions for water fun". But now let’s start the "Tour de Playas".

Playa de Puerto Naos
Puerto de Naos, La Palma

The beach of Puerto Naos on the sunny west side of La Palma awaits swimmers and sunbathers with a 600 meter long beach. Here blows since years in summer the environment flag of the FEE for cleanliness in view of sand and water, clean sanitary facilities and life guards - More information in our La Palma 24-Journal. Just click on the translation button on top of the page.

Palm trees and fixed umbrellas are spending shadow; recently new are small Kioskos (bars) directly on the beach, where people can take a fresh drink in swimming dress. In the south part of the beach are fields for beach volleyball. In addition, there are plenty of bars on the new, in 2013 designed, beach promenade which is also accessible for persons with a mobility handicap. The promenade offers bars and cafes for every taste and budget. The diving centre “Tauchpartner La Palma” is located close to the beach.

Playa de Tazacorte
Playa de Puerto de Tazacorte, La Palma

The beach of Tazacorte is with its around 500 meters length one of the largest beaches of the island. Again, here blows the blue flag of the FEE in summer - in other words: life guards, clean sanitary facilities, clean water and excellent beach with access for persons with a mobility handicap. Since 2014 there is also a nudist area zone in the direction of the harbor. Directly behind the beach are lots of bars and restaurants to still quickly hunger and thirst.

Playa de los Guirres - also named as Playa Nueva
Los Guirres, La Palma

This beach between Tazacorte and Puerto Naos was once surrounded by a picturesque village with “Casetas”. To the disappointment of all who had loved this authentic atmosphere, the houses and also the small restaurant were demolished. But a few years ago a local guy had reopened a small restaurant, from where people can enjoy the view over the bay. From here you can discover often surfer in the northern part of Playa Nueva - also called Playa de los Guirres -, and also the competition “Surf Open La Palma” will be held here, see our report in our La Palma 24-Journal - click here.

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But beware: There are freshwater showers and toilets, but no life guard and only sometimes sand, because the Ocean takes and brings the sand like it wants.

Playa de Charco Verde
Charco Verde, La Palma

This almost 250 meter long beach is called "The green puddle". The reason is: It is on a shallow bay between Puerto Naos and El Remo in the west of La Palma, where the water gleams blue-green. The beauty of Charco Verde and the fine sand and gravel makes this beach as one of the favorite beaches of the island. There are permanently installed umbrellas, wooden walkways, a small bar and sanitary facilities. In Charco Verde also blows since years in summer the environment flag of the FEE.

Playa de La Zamora and Playa Chica
Charco Verde, La Palma

In the southwest of La Palma, below the village of Las Indias are situated the beaches Playa de La Zamora and Playa Chica. People can reach both bays, located next to each other, over rock stairs. The reward for this effort is the beauty of the beaches. Swimmers are getting protected against high waves and swirling stones due the massive stony sides. The approximately 200 meters long sandy beaches with various services are one of the favorite beaches from locals and vacationers. Warning: There is no lifeguard on these beaches.

Playa Punta Larga

You’ll find Punta Larga between the lighthouses and the Zamora-beaches. There is no real sandy beach, but a beautiful bay where you get over gravel, flat rock slabs into the Atlantic Ocean. Be aware: There is no lifeguard! But newly there is a barbecue place directly in front of the Ocean with fireplaces, tables, benches, sanitary facilities and a kiosk.

Playa Echentive

This beach in the southwest of the island is close to the lighthouses and has an impressive length with fine sand. Unfortunately there is not always wind in this corner of the island and the Playa Echentive offers only a little protection by rocks or trees. Be careful, the sea can be very rough and there is no lifeguard!

Playa del Faro

You will find below the old and new lighthouse in the southern tip of La Palma a small, almost 150-meter-long bay with a zone for small fishing boats. The beach consists of sand and gravel, a protective wall serves as a wave breaker. The former main attraction of this beach, a small restaurant with fish specialties, is also a victim of the wrecking ball. Warning: There is no lifeguard and no sanitary facilities.

Playa de la Salemera

We are now around the southern tip of the island and arriving in the southeast of La Palma at the Playa de la Salemera. This is a nice little beach and also has a recommendable restaurant. But usually for the southern tip of La Palma: mostly blows a quite fresh wind, but this beach is never overrun...

Playa de los Cancajos

The beach in the main tourist centre in the east of La Palma is called Playa de los Cancajos. There also blows since years in summer the environment flag of the FEE, everything is in accordance with cleanliness, well maintained and watched by lifeguards. And of course there are plenty of bars and restaurants to become food and drinks.

Playa de Bajamar

Bajamar Beach gets often called as the 'town beach of Santa Cruz de La Palma', because it is situated on the southern entrance to the capital of La Palma. But officially this beach is belongs to the municipality of Breña Baja and offers sanitary facilities, clean sand and lifeguard security. Even the water quality is good, although the beach was created exactly on the opposite from the port. Otherwise in the past few summers would have not blown the blue flag of the FEE.

The city beach of Santa Cruz

The city beach of Santa Cruz de La Palma has approximately 70.000 sqm and was opened in April 2017. It has well maintained sanitary facilities, lifeguards and is accessible also for handicapped persons. A diving centre, areas for other sport activities, kiosks and much more is planned.

Playa de los Nogales

This beach is one of the nicest on La Palma and is located in the east of La Palma below the municipality of Puntallana. But be aware: You can reach the wild and romantic beach situated on the cliffs only via a staircase and bathing in the wild Atlantic Ocean in the east considered extreme caution. There are no lifeguards!!!

Playa Puerto Espindola and the natural swimming pools in Charco Azul

The 85-meter-long beach Playa Puerto Espindola, belongs to the municipality San Andrés y Sauces, became more and more beautiful during the last years. San Andrés y Sauces also has the natural swimming pools of Charco Azul. These blue oases of the wild Atlantic also got the "Eco-Beach-Pennant". Click here to see the report in our La Palma 24-Journal.
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Natural swimming pool La Fajana

There are also natural swimming pools on the coast of the northern municipality of Barlovento, so that even if the sea is rough you can swim in safety. The area has a pool, also for handicapped persons, and has sanitary facilities and a restaurant. The area is called Piscinas La Fajana.