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La Palma markets

Markets on La Palma

Who wants to see the agricultural products and craft skills of the island, should visit the local markets. Bargain hunters and fans from bells and whistles will find them here.

Market hall in Los Llanos

The “Mercado” of the city of Los Llanos opens from Monday to Friday from 6 am until 2 pm and Saturdays from 6 am until 4 pm and is situated in the old market hall near the Centro de la Salud. In this beautiful building from the 50's the food is presented between columns and arches, which also offer designs for friends of photography. There is everything your heart desires: meat, fresh fish, sausage specialties, fruits, vegetables, spices, and, and, and. Another tip: In a corner of the market hall in a little bar you can strengthen yourself with super-delicious “Boquadillos”. “Boquadillos” are very large, with fried meat, cheese or sausage prepared "sandwiches".

Market hall in Santa Cruz

The capital of the Island Santa Cruz de La Palma has of course also a market hall, it is situated in the center and easy to find: Just turn on the Avenida Maritima at the traffic lights into the Avenida el Puente. At the next corner on the right hand side is the building of the market hall. At the ground floor of this building you will find a wide range of fresh food. The Gourmet has the choice between market stalls with fish, meat, fruits, vegetables and confectionery. Opening hours: Monday to Saturday from 6 am until 2:30 pm

Mercadillo de Puntagorda

The farmers in the north of La Palma have their own weekly market:

The market hall of Puntagorda is situated at the opposite of the Leisure Centre El Fayal and opens every Saturday and Sunday. The farmers offer all, starting with organically grown fruits and vegetables over cheese, wine, bread or Mojos up to pastries or sweets from their own production. Meat and fish are also available. As well as in Mazo an area of this hall is reserved for artisans. Directly at the entrance on the left side people who are looking for a special gift will find pottery, embroidery, leather work and much more. In front of the hall are market stalls with jewellery and second hand stuff. Market hours: Saturday from 3 pm until 7 pm and Sunday from 11 am until 15 pm.

Market hall in Mazo

In the center of the village Villa de Mazo, situated in the Calle Dr. Morera Bravo, a covered market invites every Saturday and Sunday for shopping. Farmers present from the potato to exotic fruits everything that grows on the east side of La Palma. Even bread and sausages, typical palmerian sweets, confectionery and the famous Mojos can be bought here.

The artisans have a separate room with their stalls: jewellery producers, woodcarvers, weavers, embroiderers and many other artisans show their products and their production method. Quality is guaranteed. Reason: Inside the market hall Mazo, only artisans with the certificate from the so-called Carné Artesano are represented. This card is especially for people who passed a rigorous test at the island administration. For this reason flying dealers and most dealers with jewellery items get a place on the steep terrain in front of the market hall. Because stringing pearl necklaces is not one of the palmerian handicrafts. Market hours: Saturday from 11 am until 7 pm and Sunday from 9 am to 1 pm.

Rastro de Argual (Flea market Los Llanos)

Flea markets are called in Spain "Rastro". Such a junk paradise invites you on the west side of La Palma every Sunday. On the Plaza de Sotomayor, which is situated between the northern outskirts of Los Llanos and Tazacorte, the traders arrive in the early morning hours and build their stands. The market closes between 2 pm and 3 pm. Bargain hunters are there to buy used clothes, second-hand books and cheap household inventory. Flea market experts will find between the typical flea market items also antiques, palm innovative handicrafts or painters who exhibit their paintings. The highlight on Sundays at the flea market in Argual: On the terrain of the flea market is a glassblowing workshop called “Arte Fuego”. The two owners often show around 11 am their glass art and sell their designer items.

Farmers Market Los Llanos

A tip for fans of fresh fruits and vegetables: Every Sunday farmers and gardeners from La Palma offer their items in the centre of Los Llanos. Sweet and 'sour' potatoes, peppers in all colors, aromatic pumpkins - people will get here everything in the best quality that grows on the island. Sun blessed fruits such as strawberries, papayas, mangos and lots of other kind of fruits, depending of the season, are sold from the palmerian farmers on the market. The best thing: the vegetarian food on the farmers market is much fresher and cheaper than in the supermarkets. The market opens on Sundays from 8 am to 2 pm and is situated in the Avenida Doctor Fleming.

Rastro de Santa Cruz de La Palma - Flea market in capital

Every first and third Sunday of the month is a big flea market on the large car park in front of the port Santa Cruz de La Palma, the capital of the island. As on any flea market visitors can discover new and old stuff, practical and less practical items and lots of palmerian handicrafts. Numerous of stalls provide food and drinks for the physical well-being of the visitors. Even the German sausage, sandwiches with herring or homemade cakes are sold. The market open from 9 am until 2 pm.

There are lots of other farmer and handicraft markets in the small villages of La Palma. We have taken a 'Tour de mercadillos' and listed all markets in our La Palma24 Journal- click here.