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Sailing Canary Islands

Sailing on La Palma / Canary Islands

The Canary Islands are known as one of the most beautiful sailing areas in the world. Here almost constantly blows the north-east trade wind and the island gets a lot of sun, even during the winter. This guarantees fun in wind and wave without getting frostbites. For this reason, the passionate skipper Siegfried Fischer has chosen the island of La Palma as the center of his life and berth for his two ships. The former racing yacht of ex-Spain King Juan Carlos called Hispania and the luxurious catamaran Saschastrid are waiting at the port of Tazacorte for skipper who want to cross the Atlantic Ocean or for people who just like to join one of the cruises. The Captain talks about his life and explains how to join one of the trips.

44 ft Catamaran "Sashastrid"
img sashastrid-lapalma

This 13,5 meter large yacht has a sail area of 145 sqm and offers challenges for advanced skippers and for La Palma holidaymakers who simply want to enjoy for a few hours the coast of the Isla Bonita. Multi-day trips are also possible, because there are four cabins in the belly of the Saschastrid (each with twin bunks), a salon, a galley and three bathrooms. Therefore is room for the skipper and eight board guests.

Length 13,45 m (44 ft)
Width 7,20 m
Depth 0,95 m
Sail area 145,00 m²

80 ft Racing Yacht "Hispania"
img segeln-la-palma

With 4,50 meters draught, more than 24 meters in length and a sail area of 385 sqm, the Hispania is a pure-bred racing yacht. The ship was made by Bruce Farr and was ordered by ex-King Juan Carlos as a training tool for the Spanish National Team. The reason was to build a ship that is still going on fast, even at low wind periods. Ten persons must be at least on board to have the Hispania under control. The ship has space for up to 30 guests.

Length 24,5 m (80 ft)
Width 6,10 m
Depth 4,50 m
Sail area 385 m²

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