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Padel on La Palma

Padel is a very young sport, whose roots can be found in Mexico. It began in 1965 under the impulse of Don Enrique Corcuera. Even though Padel is a very young sport, it spreads unlikely rapid. Padel is a very dynamic sport with lots of movement, which combines elements of tennis and squash. The game is played on a rectangular court which is 20 meters long and 10 meters wide. A net in the middle of the court divides it into two halves (like the tennis court).

Padel has already established to an extremely popular amateur and competitive sport in many countries like Central and South America, in the Canary Islands and especially in Spain. Spain has more than 100.000 Padel courts and more than 10 million people worldwide play Padel.

Also bloody beginners succeed the entry into this sport, after a few strokes they will have long rallies. The racket is easy to use and the rules are simple.

Who wants to play Padel can do it in the Club de Tenis del Valle de Aridane, in Pádel Velia in La Laguna or in the Club de Pádel Tazacorte.

More information under the mobile number: (+34) 626 84 22 22