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Deep sea fishing Canary Island - La Palma

Big Game Fishing - deep sea fishing

La Palma belongs to the Canary Islands, is situated on the west site of the groups from the Canaries, which includes El Hierro and La Gomera. The Canary Islands are one of the best fishing destinations in the world.

After Gran Canaria and Tenerife has been known as the famous destinations of the deep sea fishing scene, La Palma has become a few years ago more famous as a Big-Game-Hotspot.

Since centuries the professional fishermen on the Canary Islands catch almost with simple handlines and fishing rods from bamboo the greatest tunas, marlins, swordfishes, wahoos, amberjacks, etc.

Since a few years there is a new boat in Tazacorte for deep sea fishing on La Palma, there is a 10 meter catamaran, named “Ultima Ratio”. Because only few individuals with their own boats are fishing until now here on La Palma, a real insider tip.

Not unusual that a dream comes true for a deep sea fisher that he caches a Blue Marlin with 200 to 300 kilos. Make a good catch...

Big-Game-Fishing - Hochseeangeln
La Palma deep sea fishing
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