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Fiestas on La Palma

Fiestas on La Palma

One thing is sure: The Palmeros is a folk which is extremely enjoying its events and fiestas. Every city, every district and every village has its own Fiesta. Additional to this Fiestas there are the really big events like the Carnival, the Bajada de La Virgen in Santa Cruz de La Palma and the church festivals. On top of this the special holidays in the Canary Islands and La Palma as well as the public holidays in Spain.

Carnival on La Palma

Santa Cruz and Los Llanos - the two largest cities on La Palma - change themselves during the festivities into white landscapes. On the streets the local fools are throwing each other talcum powder directly with hands, with cans or either with machines.

The freaky tradition is a result from the 80s - today the Día de Indianos, always on Carnival Monday. It is an event in Santa Cruz de La Palma that every year attracts thousands of fans to the capital of the Island. The Palmeros make jokes to their folk who have emigrated once to South America. Because they where carrying on their return white suits, threw money around and demonstrated the poor folk at home their prosperity. This has annoyed the Palmeros so that they are using until now the white-robed informer: On Día de Los Indianos they are dressed in a very elegant, colonial style and throwing each other with baby powder.

By the way, Ash Wednesday is not the end of this Fiesta in this country. Afterwards Sardines of textile and paper are burned for weeks around the islands. And only when the last fish has fallen to ashes ends Carnival. Read more in our La Palma 24-Journal - click here.

Bajada de La Virgen de Las Nieves

The biggest festival of the island is only every five years - the last time during the summer 2015. In honor of the Virgin of the snow the capital of the Island Santa Cruz de La Palma held for six weeks processions, concerts, parades and much more. For more information read our La Palma 24-Journal - click here.

Fiestas around La Palma

Every summer there are fiestas around the island. The statue of the Holy Carmen is being driven every weekend in a boat convoy from coastal town to coastal town. Wherever it is landing, there is of course a procession - and it is celebrated several days as there is no tomorrow. We report up to date news about the Fiestas during summer and all other events on La Palma around the year in our La Palma 24-Journal. Just look the category Island festivals - click here.

We have described some of the funniest and most original figures of the fiestas on La Palma in our La Palma 24- Journal - click here.