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Visitor Centre La Palma

La Palma i-Points and Visitor Centres

Information about the Isla Bonita is available in the Tourism Offices and the Visitor Centres, called as “Centro de Visitantes”. These information centers for vacationers are available on the whole island.

Tourism Offices

The i-points of the association of tourist entrepreneurs in La Palma – named as CIT Tedote - can be found in Puerto Naos, Los Llanos, El Paso, Santa Cruz, Los Cancajos, Las Tricias and Llano Negro. The staff gives information about special offers, culture and attractions of the respective environment and as well about current events.

Centro de Visitantes El Paso

Caldera is the Spanish word for cooking pot - and nothing else is the National Park in the north of La Palma. But it is a very, very long time ago that the gigantic volcano had fire under his ass. Today the mountains, valleys and gorges of the nine kilometer long Caldera de Taburiente are the most popular attractions on the island. Maps, tips and information about the current state of the trails are available at the visitor centre in El Paso.

People who want to do camping in the Caldera or wish to go by car to the viewpoint Cumbrecita will get here the necessary permit. The road into the national park is closed with a barrier, but will be open for free for people who sign up. Reservations can be made via internet - click here.

Centro de Visitantes Fuencaliente

The "green" island La Palma has in the south a few black spots: Solidified lava fields "flowing" around the volcano Teneguía and San Antonio in the Atlantic and form a bizarre lunar landscape.

In the middle of it invites the visitor centre Fuencaliente to a journey through the volcanic history of the island and gives information about earthquakes. In addition to it visitors can do a hiking tour at the crater of the San Antonio, which is next to the visitor centre.

Centro de Visitantes Los Tilos

The visitor centre is located in the famous laurel forest of Los Tilos and informs about the unique subtropical nature in this protected area. It is situated in the district of San Andrés y Sauces in the northeast of La Palma and has been renovated in 2015.

Centro de Visitantes La Zarza

The main focus in the visitor centre La Zarza in the north of La Palma is the information about the rock carvings of Indians, because the most significant finds were made here. In addition to the Centro de Visitantes visitors can walk through a small park, where well preserved petroglyphs on rocks can be seen.

Centro de Visitantes Belmaco

The subject in the archaeological park of Belmaco in the south of La Palma is about the indigenous peoples. Beside the exhibition of pottery and other archaeological finds, a trail leads to a cave of the Benahoariten.

Centro de Visitantes Tendal

The visitor centre Tendal in San Andrés y Sauces is in the northeast of La Palma and Shortly before its opening. Main topic of this information point will also be the life of the indigenous people from La Palma.

Current information - also about the visitor centres – will be published in our La Palma24 Journal - click here.