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Hiking on La Palma

Hiking on La Palma

La Palma is beautiful and so the perfect island for hikers. Visitors can discover the incomparable landscapes of the island on a well developed and marked network of paths. There are trails for all fitness level - from small trips up to a circumnavigation of the island. The island government has along the most popular hiking trails houses prepared in which hikers can take a rest, cooking, washing clothes and even spend the night. For those who like to explore La Palma on foot should get a map of the “Red de Senderos de La Palma”. The association of the local hikers provides them free of charge in the information points of the island.

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Visitors of La Palma will get there as well information about the most popular hiking trails. This information is a must, especially for those who are planning a trio to the famous Caldera, because the volcanic Caldera in the north of La Palma can turn during the winter time quickly into a cauldron. Hikers start at mornings with beautiful weather and in the middle of the Caldera suddenly starts rain.

Then it becomes dangerous. Reason: If the earth of the crater walls from the Caldera is already saturated from previous rain, the rain forms small streams which gets over into larger streams and finally the water is flowing over the riverbed of the popular hiking trail “Barranco de Las Angustias” into the Ocean in Tazacorte. Depending on the intensity of the rain it could be that within a very short time it gets over into a tidal wave, which happen a few years ago as a wave carried away tourists.

Therefore hiking experience in Germany, Austria or Switzerland is not enough - at least in the Caldera. The professional hiking guides from La Palma know every stone, see dangers and react properly and in time. Even when it’s foggy they know the way while normal hikers only helpless walk around.

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But beware: Not everything that says professional is professional. In addition to the many self-named walking guides there are organizations such as “NatourTrekking” or “La Palma Activ”. They only employ guides with years of experience on all island routes. The true professionals also know a lot about the country and people and as well about the protected flora and fauna on La Plama. So you can not only enjoy the beauty of the island, you’ll also understand.
Moreover professional hiking guides are characterized by the fact that they form manageable groups, depending on their condition and wished routes of the participants. Some of them offer combinations such as walking and culture, some also rent hiking boots. Because no matter which palmerian path hikers take: Good footwear is absolutely essential! Of course as well waterproof clothes and the usual utensils like sun protection, even in winter!

NAToUR trekking

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NAToUR trekking (Hiking in La Palma)
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Nature in the National Park: the children's classic.
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img NAToUR trekking
Nature in the National Park: the children's classic
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