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La Palma arrival by ship

Last stage by ship

Who does not like flying will choose the way across the water. The fast catamaran from Fred Olsen and the a bit cozy going ferry from Armas are crossing every day between Tenerife and La Palma. The trip with the catamaran takes only two and a half hours. The ferry from Armas takes three to four hours, but it is usually cheaper. For the reason that both shipping companies offer numerous of special tariffs, searching and booking via internet is recommended (see links below)!

The catamaran from Fred Olsen takes from Monday to Friday at 7 pm and on Sundays at 11:30 am from the Port Los Christanos in Tenerife course to the Port of Santa Cruz de La Palma. From there the fast ferry clears every morning at 5:30 am the anchor. During the summer months, the connection is also available on Saturdays and temporarily the catamaran goes even twice a day.

The ferry from Armes starts in Los Christianos every day at 6:30 pm, from La Palma every day at 4 am.

By the way: The Port of Los Cristianos in Tenerife is about 15 minutes away from the airport in the south of Tenerife. An easy connection is provided by taxis and buses.

From Cádiz to La Palma

Especially long-term tourists who want to travel by car to the Canary Islands often use the ferry from Trasmediterranea Acciona in the Andalusian port city of Cádiz. The ferry is well-equipped with cabins, restaurant and swimming pool and it takes mostly the way over Gran Canaria and Tenerife to La Palma. The trip takes two and a half days. That means to book a cabin is mandatory. You can choose between an inside deck 2-bed cabin and 2-bed cabins of first class. When you book via internet (see link below), the system immediately shows, if and where are free beds. Personal search is necessary also regarding prices; because the price depends on number of persons, size of the vehicle and possible special rates.

Make your reservation before at home! Not only because of the guaranteed place on the ferry. In the event that the ship can not drive for any reason, only passengers with a reservation are accommodated by the shipping company during the waiting period in one of the hotels in Cadiz - for free!

From the port of La Palma to your holiday accommodation

The port is located in the island's capital Santa Cruz de La Palma on the east side of the island. La Palma visitors can get very convenient to their holiday accommodation if they have booked a rental car at a car rental company such as La Palma24. Our staff will welcome you directly at the gate when you arrive by ferry and do quickly and efficiently the paperwork. Please do not forget your driving license! They will handover the car to you - and upon departure just park the car at the ferry terminal or at the airport.

Also busses bring vacationers to their final destination. The busses are named on La Palma “Gua Gua” and leave from the island's capital Santa Cruz de La Palma. The bus station is about 500 meters in front of the ferry terminal. There you take the bus to your final destination.
Travelers who want to use the bus during their whole vacation can purchase a so-called Bono Ticket. You’ll get detailed information about these prepaid-tickets at the central bus station in Los Llanos.

Of course as well at the port are waiting taxis. You have to pay a little more than one Euro basic fee and 80 to 90 cents per kilometer for a single journey. You also can deal with the taxi driver regarding the costs for one round trip. In other words: calculating is required – a rental car can be cheaper for longer trips! You pay for example for a taxi ride from the airport to Puerto Naos in the west of the island currently between 40 and 45 Euros.

Fred Olsen Hier den Link der Fred Olsen einfügen
Armas Hier den Link der Fred Olsen einfügen
Trasmediterranea Acciona Hier den Link der Fred Olsen einfügen

Santa Cruz Airport

Package travelers are welcomed in the terminal by their tour guides. There is also a tourist office, a first aid station, a pharmacy, a lost property office and various shops and restaurants with children's areas. Important tip: If you are traveling without cash, take at the ATM in the airport terminal a bit of cash. Reason: Not all places on La Palma are equipped with ATMs - and even if, they are not always filled. Banks only exist in the cities and in some larger towns.

Fred Olsen


Trasmediterranea Acciona