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The Company

La Palma 24 holiday accommodation was founded in 2002 and celebrated its 12th birthday in 2014. The aim has always been to create a portal, where La Palma-travellers find an optimally holiday destination for their needs. Today our customers can choose from more than 500 selected apartments and holiday houses.

Our website offers budget studios, over comfortable family accommodation up to elegant villas with swimming pool for every taste and every budget. The accommodations are spread over the whole island; most of it is situated on the sunny west side of La Palma.

The basis for success from La Palma 24 accommodation portal: Competence and La Palma experience from CEO Michael Nguyen, Assistant of the Management Heidrun Schumann, Marketing Director Volker Horch and Web Designer Gladys Riego.

The concept

Whoever makes a booking for an accommodation at La Palma 24, has another advantage in addition to the diversity of the portal: The prices of the holiday accommodation are determined by the owner. This means that the customer do not pay surcharges. The owner has the responsibility after the booking. The owner gets informed from La Palma 24 about the reservation, the arrival of guests and hands over the key of the holiday accommodation at their guests. From now on, the owner will take care of all needs of the guests. This concept works since a long time with great success and La Palma 24 has a lot of frequenters. Another reason for our success is La Palma 24 optimizes its website constantly. Our website was visually and technically improved once in 2011 and the second time in October 2014. Since April 2015, the site is online in English. Ambition: The customers should find their optimal object easily among the more than 500 offered holiday homes and enjoy a simple booking process.

The extras

As a finishing touch the website La Palma 24 offers lots of information about the „Isla Bonita”. The spectrum ranges from quick facts about sports, beaches, weather and markets.

La Palma fans find a link on La Palma 24-Jounal. Our online magazine publishes constantly actual news and timeless background stories about the country and people. Ideal for those who wants to be informed about the country and people before their holiday and of course for all La Palma friends who wants to be up to date at home.

We inform all La Palma fans in a monthly newsletter about news on various topics. Simply sign up, so you do not miss actual offers and news!