Terms and conditions

1. The Website, applicable law

This website is operated by Lapalmavierundzwanzig, S.L., registered office in C. Fernández Taño, 5, 38760 Los Llanos de Aridane, La Palma, Tenerife, Spain, registered with the company register of Tenerife under register no. C.I.F. B 38723037, represented by the managing partners: Michael Nguyen.

2. Consent with General Terms and Conditions

The use of the website and from Lapalmavierundzwanzig, S.L. provided service is subjected to the following Terms and Conditions. The user agrees, by using the website the terms and conditions, without any limitations or additions. Otherwise using the website and the provided benefits of Lapalmavierundzwanzig, S.L. is not allowed.

3. Lapalmavierundzwanzig, S.L. - Services

Lapalmavierundzwanzig, S.L. is the provider of an online portal for tourism products and services. Users can check the availability of holiday accommodations according to their wishes and specifications. No direct reservations will be made. If users are interested, they send the appropriate form without obligation to Lapalmavierundzwanzig, S.L.

4. Lapalmavierundzwanzig, S.L., advertising portal for holiday accommodation and tourist services

Lapalmavierundzwanzig, S.L. appears in the online services only as an advertising portal for holiday accommodations and tourist services. From information provided on the users form, Lapalmavierundzwanzig, S.L. creates an offer without obligation and sends it to the email address provided by the user. If the user of the Lapalmavierundzwanzig, S.L. accepts the sent offer, and if the holiday accommodation is available, then a contract between the user and the respective supplier is made. Lapalmavierundzwanzig, S.L. appears exclusively as an advertising portal for vendors and is not involved as a contracting partner in the contractual relationship between the seller and you. The services of Lapalmavierundzwanzig, S.L. ends with the despatch of the confirmation documents. Lapalmavierundzwanzig, S.L. accepts no liability for the performance of the services presented on the website and does not assume any guarantees for the suitability or quality of the services shown on the website.

5. Booking completion and payment

Upon receipt of the booking confirmation, a fee of 15% to 20% plus IGIC (statutory VAT) is to pay within 3 working days to Lapalmavierundzwanzig, S.L. The booking is confirmed after receipt of the fee. This fee is non-refundable.

Further payments and/ or information about the payment of the remaining amount to the respective provider of the accommodation is provided with the booking confirmation.

Refunds and complaints can be made only against the provider.

6. Change of booking

Travel duration and dates can be changed depending on availability and under considering to the cancellation policy. Bookings to last-minute conditions or special prices cannot be rebooked. An administration fee between 25 euros and 50 euros plus IGIC (statutory VAT) will be charged for each rebooking or contract change. This fee does not include the costs that may be charged directly by the respective provider of the service.

Rebooking’s must be made in written form. Before receiving such a request from the user, it is not possible for Lapalmavierundzwanzig, S.L. to inform the respective provider and to change a booked service.

7. Cancellation

If no separate cancellation fee is published on the website for the respective accommodation, the following cancellation policy apply:

In the event of a cancellation, the following cancellation fees apply:
20% from the conclusion of the contract up to 60 days before arrival
40% from 59 days to 30 days before arrival
50% from 29 days to 8 days before arrival
100% from 7 days to 1 day before arrival and in the event of no-show

We recommend a travel cancellation insurance.

The tenant can withdraw the booking before the start of the journey if he provides a substitute party who takes over the contract under the same conditions. Bookings to last-minute conditions or special prices cannot be canceled. For each cancellation, an administration fee between 25 euros and 50 euros plus IGIC (statutory VAT) will be charged.

The fee requested from Lapalmavierundzwanzig, S.L. does not include the costs that may be charged directly by the respective provider of the service.

Cancellations must be made in written form. Decisive for the cancellation is the date of receipt.

8. General Information

Lapalmavierundzwanzig, S.L. offers all published general information on the website only as an orientation for their users. General information is all information on the website, except the information concerning the prices of holiday accommodations and car rentals. The user must be aware that the general information can be changed at any time.

9. Terms and conditions of the provider

Any request from the user through the website of Lapalmavierundzwanzig, S.L. is without obligation and does not constitute an offer to conclude a contract with the respective provider about the selection of the services from the user. If the service is still available and a contract between the provider and the user concluded, see also in addition the general terms and conditions of the provider. It can be regulated payments, due date of payment, liability, cancellation, change of reservation and repayment (if provided), and other limitations. With regard to the exact content of the applicable terms and conditions, please contact the provider you have selected.

10. Force majeure

For the consequences of force majeure Lapalmavierundzwanzig, S.L. is not liable under this contract. These include war, internal disturbances, issued by authorities, terrorist attacks, fires, floods, storm, other natural disasters, blackouts, accidents, strikes, lockouts or other industrial action, of which the services of Lapalmavierundzwanzig, S.L. or its suppliers may be affected.

11. Liability of Lapalmavierundzwanzig, S.L.

Lapalmavierundzwanzig, S.L. is effort to ensure that the information on the website, software and other data, particularly with regard to availabilities, restrictions and prices, at the time of publication date is complete and correct. All presented services on the website are limited. Any liability of Lapalmavierundzwanzig, S.L. to carry out the services booked by the provider is excluded. Also the liability of Lapalmavierundzwanzig, S.L. for from the provider of their warranted quality of services - such as guaranteed quiet location, or guaranteed accessories - is excluded. Incidentally Lapalmavierundzwanzig, S.L. only take over the liability in cases of intent or gross negligence, and for acquired and guarantees for breach of contract.

12. Use of the website

This website is available to the user for their own use. The on website related services cannot be resold, passed or transferred by the user to third parties in return for payment. The website can be used exclusively in accordance with the contract and legally permitted manner and with the regulations in these terms and conditions. Under contract in this sense is only the reservation or request of holiday accommodation and car rentals, and any other lawful use of the installed features on the website. The following shall apply:
a) The user must be minimum 18 years old and must have fully legal capacity.
b) You assure that all information that you provide about yourself or passengers, is true and correct.
c) It is not allowed to use the website for speculation purposes, or fraudulent or false bookings.
d) It is not allowed to reproduce, sell, transfer, publish or reproduce the website and its contents by the user. For your personal or non-commercial use, making of a single copy of the page is permitted.
e) The user agrees to indemnify Lapalmavierundzwanzig, S.L., their partner companies and employees against all claims by third parties (including reasonable costs of legal action), which arising from an abusive, or otherwise illegal non-conforming use of the website and its contents by the user.
f) It is not allowed to use the guest book for commercial reasons (e.g. publications of advertising) or to publish contents with offensive or defamatory remarks.

13. Abuse, blocked access

Lapalmavierundzwanzig, S.L. has the right to terminate this license agreement for any important reason, especially in a major breach against number 11, at any time and to close the access to the website and / or online services.

14. Software

Lapalmavierundzwanzig, S.L. is the owner of all rights of the software that is available for download on the website. The unauthorized copying, use or disclosure of the software is expressly prohibited. Use of the software can be subjected to a special license agreement and their terms. If such an agreement does not exist, the owner of the software assign to the user a personal, non-transferable license, which applies exclusively to the use of the software for the purpose of access, the presentation and the contractual use of the website in accordance with these Terms and Conditions. Any reproduction of the software on any other server or data medium for the purpose of further reproduction is expressly prohibited.

15. References to other websites

Possibly this website contains additional hyperlinks which lead you to other websites of external suppliers. Lapalmavierundzwanzig, S.L. has no responsibility on their design and content and is therefore not responsible for the accuracy, timeliness, completeness and quality of information provided there. Lapalmavierundzwanzig, S.L. expressly dissociates itself from all contents of these external websites. Please contact the operator of the respective website in case of any concerns you may have in connection with such a site.

16. Changes at the website

Lapalmavierundzwanzig, S.L. reserves the right to make changes at any time on the website or its content, especially regarding the selection of providers, information, databases or their contents. Also Lapalmavierundzwanzig, S.L. reserves the right to remove contents from the guest book, as far as they do not conform to the regulation in number 11.

17. Copyright and patent rights

Lapalmavierundzwanzig, S.L. holds the copyright and all other rights to the website and its content. All contents are exclusively owned by Lapalmavierundzwanzig, S.L., unless the ownership of a third party is especially marked.

18. Changes of Terms and Conditions

Lapalmavierundzwanzig, S.L. reserves the right to change or renew the General Terms and Conditions for using this website at any time, and with effect for the future, without an obligation to inform the user. The current version of the Terms and Conditions can be found on the company website from the time of its enforcement. By continuing of using the website after changing the General Terms and Conditions, you agree to the changes.

19. Completeness

These terms and conditions completely contain all agreements for the existing contract between the user and the Lapalmavierundzwanzig, S.L. and replace all previous agreements, assurances or guarantees, regardless of whether they were made verbally, electronically or in writing.

20. Ineffective provision, Severability Clause

If any single provision of the contract is or becomes ineffective, this shall not affect the effectiveness of the remainder of the agreement. The ineffective provision shall be replaced by a provision that most closely approximates the economic purpose of the replaced provision.

21. Legal status

In the case of any dispute concerning the fulfilment and implementation of this contract, the parties of this contract agree expressly submit to the jurisdiction of the judicial authorities of the Province of Santa Cruz de Tenerife and expressly waiving any other jurisdiction that may correspond to them.

22. Legal regulation

The received personal data will be handled according to the data protection law 15/99 from 13th of December. The client has access to his data at any time and can change or delete the data by requesting it to the company by e-mail or post.

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