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Hiking on La Palma

Hiking tour waterfalls

Adventure with safety helmet and flashlight!
The adventure among our hiking tours!
You’ll need a bit of humor to enjoy the drive to the Casa del Monte, where our hiking tour begins: we will get shaken on the bumpy forest track, which can be passed only with all-wheel drive. The mountain slopes here in the northeast are always supplied with humidity by the trade wind, and for this reason the plants swell out of the ground as in the jungle. We are excited about getting off the car at an altitude of 1.300 m, but before we start, safety helmets and flashlights are distributed. Already after the first few meters along the canal opens us the view at the 'Barranco del Agua', which was once the most water-rich gorge of La Palma.

Volcán de San Antonio, Centro de Visitantes, La Palma

Before the water was channeled in the early 20th century, it has fallen down and has formed over millions of years the deep gorge. We disappear again and again with the water channel inside the rock face. Most of the tunnels are short and easy to go through, but some are long, narrow and dark. We can hear from time to time how the helmets easily dig against the ceiling, but the road is not dangerous and our heads well protected.

Volcan de Teneguia, Isla de La Palma

Between the tunnels at the roadside are endemic plants, on the rock walls blooms houseleeks. In the 12th tunnel we are surprised by a splashing shower. Good that we have attracted a raincoat. A little wet but still laughing, we’ll arrive at the Marcos- and Cordero sources which plunge wild from hillside. Even in midsummer they give the community 200 liters of water per second - a wealth that has impressed the conquerors of the island in 1493. After the last tunnel we are looking for a shady place for taking a break and a snack. In addition to this we do have enough fresh spring water!
Tour length: 6 km
Walking time: approx. 3,5 hours. (incl. breaks)
Differences in altitude: + 50 m / - 50 m

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