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Hiking on La Palma

Hiking tour - Lava, Wine and Tapas

Hiking on the sunny side – the bus brings us through the pine forests to our starting point of this hiking tour above the sunny Aridane valley. In front of us spreads a surreal landscape, it reminds us of a ski area - only that the slopes are covered by black-brown lava instead from snow.

Volcán de San Antonio, Centro de Visitantes, La Palma

We walk a bit down the Lava slope. Young, green-yellow pine trees growing out of the black ground. To our right hand we’ll see how the serrated crater rim of the caldera rises up. Passing by at wild fig and chestnut trees, we walk through a sparse pine forest. Abruptly crosses a broad, solidified lava flow our way, which are foothills of the San Juan volcano. Even today you can clearly see the running of the magma. The skein-shaped bands have an affect as if they were frozen yesterday. This lava flow has buried large parts of Las Manchas and San Nicolas in1949.

Volcan de Teneguia, Isla de La Palma

Shortly after we can see with our own eyes, how quickly something terrible can turn into something fertile: The vineyards with their young vines from in Las Manchas spreads out in front of us. Volcanic ground holds particularly long the heat, which gives the island wine a powerful note.
We can convince ourselves after the hiking tour from typical tapas and local wine.
Tour length: 9 km
Walking time: approx. 4 hours. (incl. breaks)
Differences in altitude: + 50 m / - 650 m

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