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Hiking on La Palma

You’ll find here important hiking information

Village romance and Guanchen caves. Our hiking tour begins in the dreamy village Las Tricias, situated in the northwest of the island. Above paved paths, passing by on old threshing places, we'll arrive at an idyllic location. Visitors will experience La Palma in the area of Las Tricias likes out of a picture book: Lush gardens, lovely dragon trees and the constant view over the broad Atlantic characterize this blessed nature land – and our hiking trail snakes along the middle of it.

Volcán de San Antonio, Centro de Visitantes, La Palma

This area gives us also an insight into the rural life. On green terraces are old farms, built of volcanic rock. The wing of an old flour mill points into the sky and shows that once was grown here a large amount of wheat. The work on the terrace fields was hard. Today they lie idle, but in spring they grow into flowery meadows. The almond trees bloom here in February. On our way provides Acerina, a woman farmer, sugared almonds.

The area around Las Tricias settlement was once the residential center of the Guanches, the indigenous people of La Palma. The Buracas caves, where they lived more than 500 years ago, are another attraction on our tour. They are used today by locals and dropouts. The path leads through beautiful almond-, orange-, and dragon trees. Finally cistus and wild artichoke line our path through this little paradise.

Volcan de Teneguia, Isla de La Palma

After this tour we’ll visit the farmer's market of Puntagorda, where local products such as honey, goat cheese, wine, homemade Mojo and almond biscuits are offered.
Tour length: 6 km
Walking time: approx. 3 hours. (incl. breaks)
Differences in altitude: + 100 m / - 400 m

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