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Hiking on La Palma

La Palma March Wald

Laurel forest and deep ravines
a: This walk takes us into an enchanted cloud forest, which belongs to the Biosphere Reserve of Los Tilos. The Cubo de La Galga is located in one of the rainiest regions of the island and offers a very lush, jungle-like vegetation. We dive in 550 m height under the closed crown of leaves of laurel jungle. A native of the Tertiary Urvegetation extinct in their original home, the Mediterranean, since the ice age.

Cubo de la Galga, Puntallana

The path winds along at a curtained by ivy and creepers lienienartigen cliff. Absolute silence, only occasionally hear the cooing of laurel pigeon. Only rarely grant the trees insights into the deep, evergreen Schluch.
Roof opens only when we reach a forest track that leads us to the viewpoint Somada Alta. In clear weather is us the entire Northeast feet. From the lighthouse Barlovento to Barranco Nogales. And right in front of us the small town of San Bartolo, our first destination. From now on changes with decreasing height the Pfanzenwelt. Peach and Mandelbaüme solve Baumheide and Gagel shrubs from. The gardens of Palmeros give us insight into the local agriculture: potatoes, corn, artichokes, peppers, and Protea, an African species of flower that is cultivated here and exported mostly to Holland.

Cubo de la Galga - Biosphären-Reservat von Los Tilos

a + b: In San Bartolo, the second part of this varied hike starts: On our way towards the coast we are now experiencing the succulent vegetation zone. A stunningly beautiful canyon we reach almost down to the sea. After arduous climb that follows we pass banana plantations and vineyards and decide above one of the fascinating beaches on the island, the Playa Nogales, our hiking.
Length: a 7 km / b / 11 km
Hiking time: a / b about 4 hours / 6 hours (incl breaks)...
Elevations: a / + 350 m / - 550 m b / +450 / -950 m

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