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Hiking on La Palma

Nature in the National Park Caldera de Taburiente

Nature in the National Park: the classic hiking
A full day of natural attractions awaits us during this walk in the National Park of La Palma, the Caldera de Taburiente. We dive into the depths of the giant crater with its unique flora, its unterirdschen springs, waterfalls and its historical sites. The all-wheel Driving in Los Brecitos, the starting point of this hike is an adventure in itself. we run the first two hours on a pine needle carpet in a shady forest. We enjoy the viewpoint Lomo de Tagasaste first a look at the wide basin. Although privately owned, almost have the whole area of Caldera since 1954 under conservation, one of the first national parks of Spain.

Nationalpark Caldera de Taburiente

At lunchtime we reach Playa de Taburiente, the only year-round flowing river in the Canary archipelago. Especially beautiful it presents itself a little further down, where the warmed-up feet can be cooled in washed-basalt basins. A romantic idyll in fissured rock landscape. Even beautiful Canarian mountain meadows there is. As we continue our descent always ends up the Idafe in our field of vision, that rock on which the natives, the Guanches, their gods have made sacrifices.

Der Caldera de Taburiente, nach los Brecitos

No breeze is stirring. The resin of the Canary pine exudes its fragrance in the midday heat. At the bottom of the ravine, we come to a trickle, follow the river bed up there with the watercourse of Taburiente applies. This place is called, for obvious reasons "Dos aguas" (two of water). Now we have reached the "Barranco de Las Angustias". The name recalls the last battle against the Spanish conquerors Guanche: Valley of Fear. Fears, we must not stand, only some skill we need if we balance with the walking stick between the stones repeatedly over the riverbed. Impressive formations of basalt has exposed the erosion of the water here. Pillow lava hervogeschleudert in different shades, millions of years ago from the earth. There, where the last drop seep into the ground, we decide this, of impressions so rich hiking.
Length: 16 km
Hiking time: approx 7 hours (incl breaks.).
Elevations: + 100 m / - 850 m

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